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What is the Orthodox opinion on how the Native Americans came to be on the continent?


There is no Orthodox 'theological' view on this since this matter is not addressed in Scripture or Tradition, but it can be said that Orthodoxy has no reason to reject the DNA-based scientific results that conclusively show that native american tribes emigrated from Siberia via the Bering Straight, as documented here:

The idea that Native Americans had Israelite origins was popular in America during the 1800:

Answered on 9/05/2011 by Fr Laurent

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  • Justina said on November 29, 2013:

    I would imagine there are indications of all kinds of people here, the Olmec heads are clearly African, there are legends of white Indians, I think everyone discovered America. Siberia by Behring Straits, and across the Pacific and across the Atlantic.

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