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Did not St. Irenaeus teach that all Churches must agree with the Roman Church? Why do the Orthodox not follow this precept from the early Church?

At the time, Rome was the capital of the empire, and this status led to everything else: Rome was where the great martyrs came to die, and the natural place of authority. The Roman Church was larger, more diverse, wealthier and more generous. In their struggle...


Do the Orthodox believe in Sola Scriptura (the Bible alone?) What do you believe about tradition?

This answer has two parts: (1) below, a short reply and (2) a longer reply taken from the forthcoming "Revised Catechism of the Orthodox Faith." The short answer: Orthodox Christianity understands Sola Scriptura versus Holy Tradition as a false dichotomy, pitting the Bible against tradition, because the Bible can...


I wonder if it is ok to eat food that has blood in it? What about Acts 15 where the Apostles forbid it and what about blood transfusions?

Actually - and this is not well-known - the Orthodox position is that the Apostolic Council is still binding, and this includes the prohibition on eating blood (including blood sausage, etc and strangled meats. Two canonical sources which uphold the restriction of Acts 15 are: Canon...