What books are in Eastern Orthodox Bibles in both OT and NT? Are they the same as the Roman Catholic Bibles? What final decree or canon does the Eastern Orthodox follow and from where do they get it?

The New Testament canon is the same for Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholics and Protestants. The first official listing of these was by Saint Athanasius in his Festal Letter as Archbishop of Alexandria in 367. The Old Testament canon was and remains a more complicated issue. There...


Do the Orthodox believe in Sola Scriptura (the Bible alone?) What do you believe about tradition?

This answer has two parts: (1) below, a short reply and (2) a longer reply taken from the forthcoming "Revised Catechism of the Orthodox Faith." The short answer: Orthodox Christianity understands Sola Scriptura versus Holy Tradition as a false dichotomy, pitting the Bible against tradition, because the Bible can...