Roman Catholic Church


Thank you, and I have a follow-up to my last question. In the case of the Catholic Church then, if it has fallen into heresy and schism, can it similarly be said that it is no longer has “assured manifestations of the Church”? In other words, when they are received into Orthodoxy without baptism at times, is this because Catholicism has assured manifestations of the Church or only as an act of pastoral economia? This is another topic I’ve heard many Orthodox responses to.

In your question, it would be best to use the precise expression 'Roman Catholic Church' instead of 'Catholic Church' since we Orthodox apply this expression to ourselves! The question of when a (local) Church ceases to become an assured manifestation of the Body of Christ...


Did not St. Irenaeus teach that all Churches must agree with the Roman Church? Why do the Orthodox not follow this precept from the early Church?

At the time, Rome was the capital of the empire, and this status led to everything else: Rome was where the great martyrs came to die, and the natural place of authority. The Roman Church was larger, more diverse, wealthier and more generous. In their struggle...


Why are there so few Orthodox, at least in America, and fewer than Roman Catholics? What do you think about this article?

This article by Jimmy Akin has been replied to at: (copied below) There is a discussion of the "size" issue in reference to the Northern and Southern kingdoms of Israel toward the end. An Orthodox reply to "Why I Am Not Eastern Orthodox" by Jimmy Akin __________ An article by...