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Did not St. Irenaeus teach that all Churches must agree with the Roman Church? Why do the Orthodox not follow this precept from the early Church?

At the time, Rome was the capital of the empire, and this status led to everything else: Rome was where the great martyrs came to die, and the natural place of authority. The Roman Church was larger, more diverse, wealthier and more generous. In their struggle...


Does the Orthodox Church believe in Apostolic Succession? Are Anglican orders recognized as valid?

Orthodoxy believes in form of Apostolic Succession, as discussed here: http://www.orthodoxanswers.org/answer.aspx?ID=3 Orthodoxy does not have concept of validity that is similar to the Roman Catholic concept, although some Orthodox bishops and synods have adopted uniform rules on the matter. The Patriarchate of Moscow, for instance, recognizes Roman...


What is the difference between Orthodox and Catholic understandings of apostolic succession?

There is indeed a different understanding, but it should be admitted that few are aware of it! For a good discussion, please see here: http://www.monachos.net/forum/showthread.php?8403-Successors-of-the-Apostles-or-successors-of-Peter Basically, in historic / patristic Orthodoxy, the bishop is Peter's successor, while the presbyters stand for the apostles and do everything a...